Version 2

Looking out the window at the parking lot at all that glass, tin and asphalt. The ordinary. The rise-and-shine, the dog walk, the daily commute, work, the cup of coffee, or tea, the everyday, the day-in day-out, all gets lost in this ordinary. The routine.

Daily experience as a whole becomes ordinary. The most amazing scenery or landscape becomes ordinary. Banal. Interesting, challenging, activities become uninteresting and ordinary. Banal.

It is difficult to remain focused on the uninteresting and ordinary. Stultifying.

But the world of amazing scenery and landscapes is only such because I attach that label to it. It is business-as-usual  for that world of amazing scenery and landscapes. There is no great fanfare when that flower opens. It just does. The sunrise, the sunset are not preceded by a drumroll. The sun just rises and sets.

The ordinary, the banal, the routine is only so because of me. The flower hasn’t changed. The landscape doesn’t care!


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