Beyond the Backdoor – Meeting the the Everyday!

There is a conflict of interest here. Quite literally! The Everyday gets in the way of actually getting beyond that Backdoor. Have to go to work, do the dishes, mow the lawn, make supper, ad nausea………. Not to mention social and conjugal commitments.

What to do?


Looking at the Beyond the Backdoor part of this. I would like to keep it quite literally that, but some memories of past self-propelled meetings were not so everyday and getting there involved motorized transport by car, train, boat or plane. Yet I feel the desire to include them here on some level.


Now that this space is public I feel the related constraints.


Well it is finally public. With the Coffeeneuring 2016 post I did it! Still mixed feelings here.


Meeting the everyday, the ordinary that somehow surpasses, surprises, goes beyond, becomes the ‘extra’ appended to ‘ordinary’…………..

Going down that path again and again…….and then…….


Changed Meeting the Ordinary to Meeting the Everyday. Somehow that works better.

I reiterate. This site is a very personal attempt to meet the everyday. Somehow that would seem to start just Beyond the Back Door! Literally and figuratively.


The debate continues, though I have thought that I might make this “public” when I post this year’s Coffeeneuring stuff.

Again trying to decide what this space will be. The idea keeps changing. Maybe that is as it should be. Though one constant seems to be the “ordinary” and of course the “beyond the back door”. Meeting those things that are ordinary and everyday at a self-propelled pace. The ordinary on foot, snowshoes. On a bike.

Ordinary? What is that? Stepping out the back door into the fields behind the house, the critters, plants and weather I meet are ordinary.


Still debating the “making public” factor here.

I find that my sense of this site seems to evolve. With this in mind I will try to keep this part of the space up to date:


I had a long winded explanation of where this space came from and where I wanted it to go, but I found that it just seemed to go in ever tightening circles. So suffice to say that this an experiment in making the ordinary not so ordinary. Making the banal into the not-so-banal!




With emphasis on “experiment”!

The ‘experimental’ part is somewhat along the lines of the German Bildungs Roman (educational novel) as explained and used by Colin Wilson in The Outsider, though strictly speaking I am not writing a novel here. A little less fictional.

When it comes to the ordinary, its just that.


With some guilt I must admit to the rather self-centred direction of this space. I am trying to figure a few things out, and they are where I am at. A rather prolonged episode of navel gazing :0)…..:0(

Maybe this should be a more private space rather than public?


Please note, this is a very personal place, I take all responsibility for the ideas, mistakes, misinterpretations and inconsistencies expressed here.


I finally posted something! Question is to lift the “private” limits?


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