Discoveries 2019 #6: No Snow in Sight!

No snow in sight at the moment. At least not for a month or two. It is difficult to imagine snow with the temperatures we are experiencing at the moment.


Spring when it finally arrived came fast. Summer too.


Thanks again to Renate for the significant contributions in this post.

Out and About by Bike: My “Exotic”

Though some the images in the discovery posts of 2018 were taken while out on the bike, it has been a little while since this theme has come up. The Coffeeneuring Challenge from October and November of last year was the last post that was specifically related to cycling.

Most (though not all) of my riding is taken up with commuting to and from work. I try and make the ride more than just “going to work”. I am not riding through some far flung landscape, never-the-less it can be challenging. When temperatures fall below -25c, when head-winds gust to 70km/hr, when the snow is 10-20 cm fresh, when the base under that snow is freezing drizzle, when 3-4km of the route has to be walked (I don’t consider myself a fast rider, but walking is a little slow).


At -31c the bike thermometer “gives up”


The rural routes I ride also have a beauty that rivals many of those far flung locales.

Moving through the year in one landscape also has a quality of intimacy not possible when trekking through some space visited only once. That tree, that slope, that field, that bridge, that pond, that flower, that mushroom, that stone……….etc.

Not a “commute”. Testing the dog-walk. The trail needs more work. On snowshoes.