Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring 2018 Challenge: Summary

In our region cafes and similar venues are few and far between. From home the closest are 18km, and they are not generally open when I get off work. Other options are depanneurs (convenience stores) and gas stations – again the closest is approximately 10-15km from home. I don’t like paper cups – or the coffee. So, as with most of my participation in the challenge, all of the ‘Cafés’ recorded here are ‘Cafés without walls” as per the regs of the challenge.

On the weather and the movement of the year from Fall to Winter, most of the comments regarding weather mentioned for the 2017 Coffeeneuring Challenge hold again for this year.

This Autumn was incredible and Winter seemed to come early.

Though my main ride here is the Kodiak Big Bear, I do occasionally use the MetaBike.


Coffeeneuring Coffee # 1

Date: October 13.
Distance: 22.38 km
Weather: Temperature 8c, Wind 28 km/h WNW, Sunny
Coffee: Bripe. I have yet to figure out the torch! Had to improvise a Cold Brew! Which actually tasted pretty good. There is more of a description where I got it to work for me properly here!




Route: I took a detour off of my commute home via Magic Rd. I had my coffee at a beaver dam that abuts the track/road. Sometimes the beaver dam breaks and then there is no “track/road”.

This year’s fall colours were incredible!


Coffeeneuring Coffee # 2

Date: October 14.
Distance: 6.69 km
Weather: Temperature 14c, Wind 11 km/h S, Mostly Cloudy
Coffee: I had an Americano. Renate had a King Tut hot lemonade. Home made Ginger cookies went well with both drinks.




Around the block south with Renate. Drinks were had on the bridge which crosses Dam Creek south of our place. Again the colours were very uplifting – see the song “Killing the Blues” with Chris Smither.

Being hunting season we met some hunters on ATVs out and about for grouse. I am always amazed at how many more “Bird Hunters” there are during Deer Season.

Someone is dismantling the railings on the bridge. Despite the bridge being closed to vehicular traffic it is still public property and used by the likes of us. Its sad!


Coffeeneuring Coffee # 3

Date: October 21
Distance: 10.81 km
Weather: Temperature 4c, Wind 28 km/h WNW, Snow showers 
Coffee: Pour over




Thorne Lake Bridge South. There is something about bridges. A place to lean the bike and put down the coffee. Mind you I wouldn’t recommend this on most bridges that have more traffic than here. The traffic in our rural area is generally not heavy on these backroads. Especially on a Sunday. No vehicles went by while I was at this bridge.


Coffeeneuring Coffee # 4

Date: October 30
Distance: 18.54 km
Weather: Temperature 7c, Wind 9 km/h W, Mostly sunny 
Coffee: Pour over.




One of my regular stops on the way home from work.

Nice day, though I paid for it the day following with rain. I am a wimp when it comes to riding in the rain – or drinking coffee outside in the rain. Especially on gravel and in mud!

The sign with the walking cyclist isn’t heeded much in this area though I understand why its there. The skinny tyres some run on their bikes and the spaces between the planks on the bridge can be too close a match for the comfort of the local municipalities and their lawyers. I do know of an incident where a cyclist ended up head over heels with rather serious results.

I like wide and cushy. The tyres I run are not too close!


Coffeeneuring Coffee # 5

Date: November 4
Distance: 8.52 km
Weather: Temperature 4c, Wind 28 km/h WNW, Snow showers 
Coffee: I had a pour over and Renate made herself an Aeropress.




Renate joined me for this one. Its at a point where the road crosses a creek upstream from where it passes by our place.  Not really a bridge, but sort of. A beautiful spot. Quiet.

In the 2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge Coffee # 6 occurred at this spot.


Coffeeneuring Coffee # 6

Date: November 11
Distance: 14.08 km
Weather: Temperature -2c, Wind 17 km/h W, Mostly sunny
Coffee: Pour over.




Another bridge and another route that needed revisiting. Another option for my commute includes part of this loop. Less interesting as a commute because it makes the commute longer and includes pavement.

I watched the sunset and a sickle moon rise higher to the south. The coyotes were howling.


Coffeeneuring Coffee # 7

Date: November 18
Distance: 8.98 km
Weather: Temperature -3c, Wind 4 km/h N, Snow
Coffee: Pour over. Ginger bread was very appropriate.




Another bridge. This one at the point where the water exits Moffat Lake. The creek that forms here is the same one in Coffee # 5 of November 4. What a difference two weeks can make.

There’s that sign again.


Past Participation in the Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring 2018 Challenge: Summary.

Looking back at my past participation in this Challenge I do find that I re-visit many of the same places. Places within a certain distance of home. A peddling distance. Places I like to visit. And re-visit. Sometimes again and again.


Discoveries 2018 # 6: Some Neighbours

Continuing with the momentum of the last post we have :

Some Neighbours: Wild and Not So

This past summer was great for Monarch Butterflies, though getting pictures of these ever moving critters was difficult, it was really quite amazing. Thanks again Renate for those images that came from you! Yet there were so many who evaded our efforts to capture their image. Salut!


Discoveries 2018 # 5: A Summer of Fungi

(The debate on the validity of this site continues. On the other hand after reading some of the recent posts at Big Wheel Building I decided I could add some more content.)

Another series of images that start from the back door. Self-propelled, by foot or pedal.

A Summer of Fungi



Getting Beyond the Back Door

Actually its the front door at Art Brulant. Another one of Cameron Dube’s Gravel Planet rides.

Out and About by Bike: Some Coffee Content Too!

Discoveries 2018 # 4 was to include the images from this posting but I thought it deserved a separate space. Introducing another fattie to our Pontiac gravel and a little bit of Coffeeneuring content as well.


The copper gizmo pictured is a coffee brew pipe or a “Bripe”. It makes a great cup of coffee. It makes it fast. It makes it fresh. All with little fuss, and it is light weight. Two problems. The serving is small even for one person, and sharing it could be problematic.

For more info take a look at their site. Briping.

Discoveries 2018 # 4

Moving With the Seasons

According to the Solstice a few days ago Spring is officially over and Summer is here for this hemisphere.  There has been “a lot of water under the bridge”, “gravel under the wheels”, etc. since Discoveries #3. 

Out and About by Bike: Continuing to Introduce a Newbie to Winter!

I had thought to add this on to the earlier post on the same topic, but it seemed to get a little cumbersome. So here we go, some more winter for the newbie, the Kodiak, Big Bear.




The winter has been good for getting out Beyond the Back Door, for learning to ride a new bike, and for learning how to ride that bike in many of winter’s conditions.

Looking forward to next winter already! To learning more………..