Out and About by Bike: Continuing to Introduce a Newbie to Winter!

I had thought to add this on to the earlier post on the same topic, but it seemed to get a little cumbersome. So here we go, some more winter for the newbie, the Kodiak, Big Bear.




The winter has been good for getting out Beyond the Back Door, for learning to ride a new bike, and for learning how to ride that bike in many of winter’s conditions.

Looking forward to next winter already! To learning more………..


Discoveries 2018 # 2

As the bicycle is one of the main means to getting Beyond the Back Door it is great to discover it being celebrated front and centre with such good taste.


Addendum – 21.03.18 – Adding some more good taste!

Discoveries 2018 #1

I didn’t get in one of these during the month of January, so here we are on the first of February with the first “Discovery” of 2018. Something to “get out of bed for”.


Out and About by Bike: A Story

Saturdays I get off work early, but even so, with the shorter days of the season by the time I reach Magic Road* it is dark. Taking Magic Road is two kilometres shorter than other options, but with low-light and a couple of centimetres of fresh snow and no maintenance at this time of year the route is a challenge. Even so it is still my preferred commute. Two kilometres is substantial on a bike, and besides its a beautiful part of the ride.

A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday as I low-gear-wobbled up the rise to the crest of the high point of Magic Road a couple of snow mobiles passed me. At the crest of the rise, 10 meters ahead me, they stopped. In the beam of my head light they looked back at me and then took off dragster style. Rooster tails of snow and exhaust spewed in my direction.

“Show offs!”


(These pictures showing where I was passed by the the snowmobilers were taken a week earlier on a morning ride in, . Where the bike is parked is my regular break spot, except going home I would have the bike facing the other way. Unfortunately the grade of the route is hard to portray.)

Taking my usual break at the crest I then continued on my way. Some minutes later, as I approached the intersection of Magic Road and a plowed road, I came upon the two snowmobilers.

A chagrined “Could you give one of us a lift”.

One of the machines had broken down, and there was no real need to give anyone a lift. One of them had already called his Dad to come pick him up.

They wondered how I could ride the route. Did I have an engine? No engine, but I did point out the fat tires and low gears.

When assured that they were going to be okay I took leave of them and rode on. Home was still a ways away.

*Magic Road has featured or appeared in a number of posts on this blog and on the blog for the shop at Art Brûlant.

Discoveries 2017 #14 – Cycles

Its time for another one of these. Especially since as we approach the end of the year “cycles*” become important. With January 1st we start another year, yet we also start another cycle. It is new but not.

The last post of this type was Discoveries 2017 # 4 from April 5th of this year. This set starts April 9th, 2017 and ends Christmas Eve, December 2017.


*Though they are important this does not refer implicitly to “bicycles”

Out and About by Bike: Introducing a Newbie to Winter!

Getting “beyond the back door” under my own power often involves a bicycle. The new bike (a few months now) hadn’t seen winter yet. With the recent weather I have been able to remedy that.

So the newbie, the Kodiak, the Big Bear, meets winter.


I had thought to make another post, but since this is still early in the winter for the Kodiak I’ll add some more pics here.

Despite the regularity of the routes that I use the riding has been quite variable. From “mostly-walking” one day to “almost-easy” the next. Even on the same stretch. From dried out 10-15cm powder that gave no traction to frozen hard-pack with a 4-6cm fresh snow cover. From “will-this-never-end” to “this-is-fun”. Sometimes the deer trail was the best option.

Then again there is the engine and the rider…………..