Discoveries 2017 # 10

Out and about. To and from work. Detours. Beaver dams. Big puddles. Lots of rain, lots of wild flowers and lots of biting flies!  Don’t take the car, but don’t pause too long taking that photo!

Discoveries 2017 # 7

In a sense this is not a real “Discovery”, rather its a “Re-Discovery”. Part of the year’s cycles. As mentioned in Discoveries 2017 #6, things change so fast at this time if year. On another level its re-visiting, actually looking for, familiar places, listening for familiar voices, seeing familiar faces.

The faces, the Trilliums, Blood Root, Bell Flowers, Plum & Service Berry Blossoms and on and on. The voices of the Oven Bird, Common Yellow Throat, a drumming Grouse, Geese in flight, Sandhill Cranes, the flights of the Snipe and Woodcock, etc.


For comparison see Discoveries 2016 #1 and #2.

Discoveries 2017 # 5

This last week with the usual conversation about the weather and our present soggy, cold spring someone asked with exasperation “Where are all our May flowers?”.

Yes this query was voiced within the first week of May, and yes our gardens are not ‘blooming’ much at this point, but I began to think of all the flowers I had already seen. On my walks in the bush and while riding to and from work I have had the pleasure of seeing a good number of blooms. Some new to me.

I know I have missed some like those on the mosses, lichens, grasses, and other trees. But these have bloomed despite me and the care and attention I lavish on my ‘garden’.