Almost full

The moon is almost full.

The sun sets over my back.

Riding home.



Out and About by Bike: Post Labour Day 2017

I had a few days off work post Labour Day. I felt some riding was past due. Time to explore a bit. The capacity of a new bike, some hills, ideas. My capacity……..

Most of the images are from this “Riding About”. I say “most”!


Discoveries 2017 # 11

The last of images were from a little while ago. Some of the flowers are no longer in bloom. Some have gone to seed or are producing fruit already.

Things move on despite us. Our interest doesn’t change the pattern………in this case!

Discoveries 2017 # 10

Out and about. To and from work. Detours. Beaver dams. Big puddles. Lots of rain, lots of wild flowers and lots of biting flies!  Don’t take the car, but don’t pause too long taking that photo!